Interesting computer games for two

      At the present time, games for two occur on gaming portals more and more often. Of course, they are unlikely to reach the heights on which there were “Tanks online”, “Mortal” or even “Mario”, in the age of multiplayer online games – interesting and high-quality computer games for two is a kind of curiosity. In this article I will tell you about several exciting online games for two.

In a bunch

Teamwork is both fun and difficult at the same time. When the two do everything in a coordinated manner, this is the key to success and achievement, while disagreements are not the best ally for friends. In this game, absolutely everything has to be done together – to overcome the labyrinths, to wander in the dungeons, to overcome various obstacles and get out of the traps. And even climb on the walls will have to together, because two loyal ninja friends are tied with a rope, which prevents them from moving further than a couple of steps. The whole huge let elastic rope will pull back too hastily and in every possible way interfere, but there will be in this and a positive moment – one player can pull the second behind him.

Cats for two

An amusing game in which players will not interact, but confront. For the two opposing heroes, absolutely identical conditions are created, the skills and capabilities do not differ either, so the smartest and fastest wins. On both sides of the brick wall, little kittens swing the swing, their task is to knock out the yellow brick from the wall, which will certainly please the rivals. But the block falls only after the third blow, so the opponent can put it in place by one precise hit.

Dressing for two

As it is clear from the title, this is a game for girls and their girlfriends. Everything that is so often found in girls’ games is now collected in one game, and you can do it all together. The girls will have to pair for the carnival – dress, take care of make-up and hairstyles, masks and hair colors. Of course, for the girl there are many more outfits and variations of appearance available than for her companion, but the color of his mask sets the tone for the whole game, literally.