Papa’s Games – What is this game about?

The games are hands on and its designed is useful for smaller screens. You’ll switch stations using buttons in the corner of the screen. Includes great scenery and colorful graphics. Consists of a numerous amount of in-game achievements to earn. There’s plenty of furniture, posters, etc. that can be purchased using your in-game tips. You have the option to decorate and customize the lobby however you would like. Also you have the ability to unlock a lot of customers just depending on which Papa’s Games is downloaded. Daily a ton of ingredients are added.

As you play the levels you’ll unlock unique ingredients to serve your customers. The customization items that you choose and added to the lobby will improve your waiting score for your customers. At the end of each level in a game you have the opportunity to earn a blue ribbon by serving a picky and finicky Food Critic.

Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up!

Why is the game so addicting?

The description itself tells you already what this game is about and offers, but I’m going to explain to you the amazing adventures that this game will take you on.

First, this game is not just 1 game by itself. It consists of many food topics and each have amazing and fun stories behind them. To name a few it has Freezeria, Pizzeria, Cupcakeria,Taco Mia, etc. Playing 1 game will not be enough because it will make you want to play another and then another.

In Freezeria, you just started a summer job at an ice cream shop on an island, but then Papa’s games customers arrive there to. So you’ll have to make delicious Freezer Sundaes by pouring ice cream, adding flavors, adding whipped cream, blending sundaes, and a cherry at the top to top it off.

Another one, which is Pizzeria is another one where you’ll have to multi-task and switch from the Order station to the Topping Station to the Bake station and then gone to the cutting station. Each station provides a hands-on type of experience where swapping through these stations will become easier the higher you level up.

Keeping the customers happy is the easiest method to getting coin and being able to level up. Each app of the Papa’s Games serves a different purpose to prosper and gain accomplishments within the levels.

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