How to choose the best browser for online games

      It’s clear that those who do not like the game in their usual form with the installation on the disk will prefer flash options, which you can simply launch in the browser window and play safely. These are usually those games that have duration of not more than half an hour and do not require preservation. But when you start to run, you understand that everything is not so simple – some browsers not only require customization, but also are not particularly friendly with this kind of entertainment.

Browser selection:

Internet Explorer – not recommended for those who want to start and play, because it is too involved in protection and is more likely to download another browser and play it quietly. After the removal of various add-ons, settings and trials of the game can be started.

Edge – more flexible and pleasant, you do not need to make unnecessary settings, however, some have sagging in individual games;

Google Chrome – is the best solution, since it is most often installed in the first place, still normally friends in a flash player, even on 10 Windows. There may be slight sagging in performance;

Yandex – like the previous one is a chromium browser, that is, it has the same engine. This is quite a frequent choice among fans to play the flush.

The best browser for online games

Opera – suffers from problems with the support of a flash player – it needs to be installed, updated, given permission and then only to play. In the 10 versions of Windows, such problems are even greater;

Mozilla – as the previous bidder is not well suited for games – 10 version has a starting difficulties due to the end of support for flash player, and 10 and at all beyond that was got a huge number of bugs (compatibility lame), so perhaps the last place in this list quite deservedly;

      As you understand the ideal solution is not – on all versions of the OS, only Chrome, which drops performance, is stable. For Windows versions below 10, all solutions are suitable, and above it is better to use only Edge and Chrome.
      Also it should be taken into account that some have a better browser, and others have worse ones, so you should start with the navigation options and continue with the busting method, if there are any complaints.

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