Online games on cartoons

      Recently, the “moving” of the main characters of cartoons and movies to computer games is increasingly observed. Little fans of Spider Man, SpongeBob and Scooby Doo wear clothes with a picture of their favorite hero, they write in notebooks with his image, small figures hang on keys, and most of the games are somehow connected with a fairy idol. On the site igry-online you can find games with Winx, Barbie dolls and Bratz dolls, which will undoubtedly please every girl, with Naruto, Ben 10 and Lightning McQueen, that all boys will appreciate by dignity.


This popular series about little sorceresses has conquered many small hearts. Fairies Winx became real idols for girls. Now with the participation of sorceresses from the cartoon there are many online n games. Often these are dress-ups, where Winx are going to school, shopping or even a party, and they all need to be dressed up properly. Also, girls will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and magic, helping the fairies to get out of difficult situations and fight against evil forces. Given the different games in terms of difficulty levels and tasks, you can choose games with fairies Winx for girls of different ages.

Scooby Doo

This clumsy dog, who is in constant search of adventures, constantly gets into various amusing situations, than much amuses the small fans. In games with scooby Doo, Shaggy is also found. A big and good-natured dog with his master becomes a hero of fascinating events. Each game is filled with positive and inexpressible atmosphere of mystery and mystery. These online games will appeal to the taste of both boys and girls of different ages.

Ben 10

Games with Ben will win the boys’ hearts with heroic motives. A boy with his extraordinary hours, giving Ben incredible powers and opportunities. Different monsters threatening the planet, now and then trying to harm all the inhabitants of the Earth, but Ben always comes to the rescue and his wonderful hours. The plot of these games is similar to the animated plot, but they all have a different level of complexity, so that even the smallest players can save the world with Ben.